Painting Services

Are you ready to change up the look of your business through a fresh coat of paint? Although you may think that doing it yourself or enlisting a friend or family member can save you money, the money you save may not be worth the time investment.

Painting requires tools, knowledge, and techniques that only experienced professionals are able to deliver. Plus, they’ll be able to deliver a better result in less time than it would have taken you. However, these aren’t the only reasons why commercial painting is worth the investment. 

​Read on to learn why you need the help of expert contractors that offer commercial painting services!

Structural Knowledge

Painting contractors need to make sure that the surface they’re painting on is suitable for painting. These professionals are able to detect when a structure is rotting or decaying. Not only are able they able to detect these defects, but they’re also able to advise homeowners and businesses on the next steps to repairing them before the painting starts. Once they recommend a reliable contractor that’s able to take care of the structure of your property, they’ll then use paint that can help guard against additional moisture getting into the walls.

Job Efficiency
One of the top benefits of painting services is the fact that you’re getting your time back. You can focus on the important aspects of running your business. Meanwhile, a professional painting contractor is able to complete the job in less time than it would have taken you. While some days are possible, they’re typically able to complete the job in the timeframe they give you.  If you’re waiting for the property to be painted before you begin interior decorating or setting up, this can potentially shave off weeks or even months of waiting. 
Health and Safety Standards
There are certain EPA standards that need to be met when it comes to properties that may have been painted with lead-based paint. Properties built before 1978 may still use this dangerous paint and need to be handled by professionals that have knowledge of lead abatement. A commercial painting company will also have all the safety equipment and tools they need in order to paint your interior or exterior safely without being affected by dangerous fumes. They also know how to properly dispose of materials that can’t be placed into a regular trash can.
Latest Trends

If you’re undecided about the paint color or style of your interior or exterior, painting contractors are usually able to help. Because of the sheer number of properties they paint each day, they’re aware of the latest styles and trends in your area. These professionals are also able to give recommendations on color schemes that work well together or even patterns that they’ve used before.
There are also several different types of high-quality paint that do more than change up the look of your property. Some can withstand moisture and UV rays. Your contractor will be able to choose the exact type of paint that’s right for your area and building. 

Paint Longevity

Painting contractors also know the right techniques to help make your paint last the test of time. This includes surface prep techniques that may include sanding and patching. Next, they use a primer and may even paint multiple coats so that the color is rich and long-lasting.
They also know how to apply painter’s tape as they go so you’re not left with messy lines or debris that can make the finished job look less than perfect.


Did you know that you might be saving money by hiring a professional painter? This is because if you haven’t painted a property before, you still need to invest in the right equipment and paint in order to start working. Many times people have difficulty estimating the amount of paint they’ll need for a building and can either buy too much or too little.
You’ll also need to account for the cost of driving back and forth from the paint supply store as well as the total cost of high-quality paint. Mistakes can also be made, so you’ll need to consider purchasing extra paint or cleaning supplies if you end up dripping it on an area of the building you didn’t intend. 

Reduced Stress

People often underestimate how stressful painting can be, especially if you’ve never done it before. Regardless of the size of your property, you’ll need to do prep work that includes: 

  • Picking a day when the weather is good
  • Ensuring that the surface is prepped
  • Investing in the paint and supplies
  • Estimating the time it will take you 

If you have other responsibilities such as running a business, taking care of a family, or more, you’ll soon realize that the extra stress you’re taking on may not be worth the money you could be saving by doing it yourself

Commercial Painting Services for Peace of Mind
The benefits of investing in commercial painting services are numerous. Even though painting yourself may end up saving you some money, you’ll also need to account for the time it will take you to complete the job. Painting also requires an investment of resources that may not end up using again and can’t return. 
On the other hand, professional painters are experienced and knowledgable. They’ll be able to finish the job quickly with quality that can be hard to emulate. 
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Painting the exterior of your business is one of the easiest ways to freshen up its look. However, you may be wondering whether commercial painting is worth the cost if you have an old building, large square footage, or have some structural damage that needs to be taken care of. 
​Read on in our commercial painting cost estimator guide so that you can see whether it’s within your budget or not! 
Building Condition

You’ll first want to start by taking a look at the exterior of your building and assess its condition. If the building has any major cracks or structural damage, this will increase the cost of labor. On the other hand, standard prep work for minor flaws in the building’s facade typically goes into the regular painting cost.
Even if there’s no structural damage, textured walls may cost more for the extra paint needed for an even application. This goes the same for dark exterior walls if you want a lighter paint. 

Commercial Painting Cost Per Square Foot Calculator

Once you’re aware of the condition of your building, you’ll want to account for the square foot of your building. This will give you a good estimate of how much it might cost for paint and materials.
According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a 1,500 to 2,500 square foot building is between $1,000 and $6,000. It’s also important to remember that the square foot of your building doesn’t mean that the entire surface area is being painted.
Determining the coverage area is easy. Find the total finished area by measuring the perimeter of your home and multiplying by the height. Then, find the paintable area by subtracting the area of your doors and windows from the total finished area. Most windows and doors come in standard sizes.  

Cost of Labor

You’ll also want to account for labor. The material and quality of your building exterior determines labor, as textured walls, damage, or dark-colored walls can determine how long it takes painters. You’ll also want to consider how easy the building is to access. Painters will naturally take longer if there are plants or furniture blocking easy access to the building.
​Labor is usually on an hourly basis, so you can expect to pay between $60 to $100 per hour. By considering the square footage of your building, the amount of paint needed, and the condition of your building, you can come to an estimate even before querying contractors for quotes. 

Commercial Painting Cost Estimator: Staying Budget-Conscious

With our commercial painting cost estimator, we hope we’ve demystified the cost of exterior painting so that your quotes don’t come as a surprise. It’s important to remember that the cost to paint a commercial building exterior shouldn’t be the only factor that helps you make a decision about the contractor you choose. 
From experience to customer service, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of future headaches by choosing a reputable company that gives you a fair price and superior service. 
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