Your Reno Building Painters Experts

Are you a homeowner looking to freshen up your house with a new coat of paint? Perhaps you’re a small business seeking to protect your commercial property from the elements with a durable exterior finish? From improving the value of your business to giving your home the look you’ve always dreamed of, there are many reasons for repainting your commercial or residential property.
​The most important thing is that you hire a professional team of painters that offer the expertise and versatility in available services to handle all of your needs.
​We have both at JCN Painting and Drywall LLC, and can help you with any project you require – and even some remodeling projects too. Commercial or residential, interior or exterior, our painting experts have it covered. Here’s a list of the services we offer.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting projects differ from their residential counterparts in that painting must often be done in a way that accommodates a business’s timeline and hours of operation. In some cases – as with the restaurant and medical industries – there are also strict painting guidelines that must be adhered to for a business to be kept up to code. We understand the needs of your business, and have extensive experience working around your company’s hours of operation and meeting all contract-related deadlines, so that your business can be kept up and running. Here are just a few types of businesses for which we’ve provided our commercial painting services: 

  • Clinics and doctors’ offices
  • Hotels
  • Office spaces and construction sites
  • Restaurants and kitchens 
  • Apartment complexes

    We provide both exterior painting to enhance the appeal and value of your commercial property, and also interior painting to give your professional space the clean and comfortable look you need.For facilities operating in a manufacturing setting, read on to find out about our epoxy floor coating services, which can significantly improve your company’s maintenance costs.

Residential Painting

Your home is an essential part of your happiness, and giving it the look that best suits you is a big part of getting the most enjoyment out of your house. That’s why we take such great pride in helping you realize your dream home through our services. The different kinds of painting projects within a home can vary greatly, but we have the expertise to handle all of them. Here are a few. 


Painting the outside of your home is the first step in giving it the look you desire, and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in improving the value of your house. Weather damage and exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also deteriorate your home’s exterior finish, so a new coat of paint can even be a matter of strengthening your home’s first line of defense against the elements.

You may already have the perfect color scheme in mind, but if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for but know you need an upgrade, we’re happy to help you find a color scheme that matches your neighborhood yet still sets your home apart by celebrating your distinct personality.  

Once you’ve found the paint color that’s right for you, your home may still need some preparation before it can be painted. We can help pressure wash your home to get it ready for its new coat, and can also caulk and paint your windowsills for the sealing that they need


Even if the outside of your home is freshly painted, it’s still important that your home’s interior have the look that keeps you and your family happy and peaceful. Your home should reflect you, and since our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, we’re glad to meet any painting needs you have in your home, large or small. Because residential painting involves a more diverse set of needs than commercial settings, we’re used to many different painting jobs within a home, so we have the versatility to meet your demands. Here are just a few:

  • Painting entire homes or additions to your custom color scheme
  • Painting individual rooms and providing color consultations
  • Cabinet painting and refinishing for your kitchen or bathroom
  • Popcorn ceiling and drywall painting for construction and remodeling

    There’s no surface we haven’t painted in our customers’ homes, and we’re committed to turning your vision for that space in your home into a reality. 

Specialty Services

Epoxy Floors

Sometimes a project may carry unique demands with it, and our painting professionals have the expertise to meet those, too. Here are some additional services you may want to take advantage of. 

  • Epoxy flooring – Perfect for manufacturing settings, car dealerships, or residential garages, an epoxy coating provides the durability and wear resistance you need to keep your floors in excellent condition for a long time. We offer epoxy coatings for all interested customers; just ask for more details. 
  • Drywall Painting and Installation – If it isn’t installed properly, painting over drywall may do little more than highlight defects that are already present. We can install, sand, and paint drywall surfaces, ensuring that your project is done right the first time. 
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Aside from being outdated and tedious to paint, popcorn ceilings are extremely messy to remove. We can save you the trouble of removing that obsolete popcorn ceiling, as long as it isn’t made from hazardous asbestos. Our professionals can tell you if your popcorn ceiling is made from asbestos, and if you’re unable to have it removed by a hazardous material specialist, we can build and paint a suspension ceiling over it to protect you from this harmful material. 
  • ​As you can see, the depth and breadth of our painting experience is great enough to handle all your needs. We serve customers in the Reno metro area, and we’re dedicated to improving the value of your property with a fresh new look. So whether you’re a commercial or residential owner in need of our painting services, contact our friendly team of painting professionals today!

    Have you been putting off those home projects for long enough and have decided to make a list and some things done? While many homeowners try to DIY their way through home projects, often it is easier and more cost-effective to hire out work around your home.  By the time you use your own valuable time and gather supplies, it might be easier to call in the professionals for your projects. This is especially true for residential painting where the painters are faster and can finish with better quality than maybe a DIY homeowner trying to do the job.

But if you have looked to hire a professional to do something around your home, you know it can be tough to find the right person for the  brick waterproof job.
Read for some tips for finding the right person to hire for your residential painting job.
Know What You Want to be Done and Plan Your Budget

Before you start looking for the best residential painting services, have a plan. Take stock in your home and evaluate what you want to be painted.  
Consider whether you will want ceilings and trim painted too. Do you have repairs that need to be completed by the painter? 
Also, consider your own budget and what you can afford. 

Ask for Referrals
Often the best place to find a quality painter is by asking friends and family for referrals. Who have they worked with before? What was their experience like with the painter? Let their experiences guide whether this is a painter you would want to work for you.
Online Search

If you don’t get anywhere with friends and family, go to the internet and do a search. Look for painters in your area. Really look over their website, it can provide valuable information about them and their business. 
Don’t be afraid to read online reviews. Although remember, it’s likely to see a few less than favorable reviews for everyone. Look for the patterns of information you see from the online reviews you read.


Once you have done this leg work, you likely have narrowed your search to a few choices. Now it’s time to meet with painters reno nv. 
Have them come to your home and look at the painting job. Get estimates and make sure they explain clearly what is included and who will be doing the work. Are they the ones doing the work or do they have a crew? Is the crew supervised and vetted before they come to your home?

Selecting the Painter for Your Home Painting

By now you should have a sense of what painter will be the best fit for you. Make sure the painter is licensed and insured. This protects you while they are working and it protects the painters actually doing the work.
Make sure you are clear your expectations on the prep work and clean up work needed before and after the painting job.

Finding the Best in Residential Services

While it might take a little research time to find the best person for your residential painting job, know you have found the best painter for the work will be worth it. 
​We can help you transform your space with our drywall and painting services. Contact us today to get an estimate and more information on our service.