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Are you looking to hire a contractor for your home?

A good paint job can transform your home, but unfortunately, so can a bad paint job. That’s why it’s important to know that your painting project is in the hands of a professional.
Ensure your painting contractor is legit by asking them these questions.

1. Can I See Your Credentials?

One of the easiest ways to tell whether you are dealing with a professional is to ask to see their credentials.
In Nevada, all painting contactors need to hold a valid business license. If your contractor is unable or unwilling to provide you with this information, they are likely breaking the law. Another vial piece of information is their insurance status.
Unless a contractor has liability insurance, you could be on the hook for any accidents that happens in your property.

(2. Can You Show Me References?)

A good painter is in high demand, so they should be able to provide you with a list of references or testimonials from their recent jobs. Of course, not every past customer is willing to talk to strangers, but you should be able to see examples of their work.

(3. Are Your Employees Trained?)

If a contractor uses subcontractors, they may not be sure that they will match the standards that they promise. That is why it is important to that you ask about the training that employees receive.
It is important that every employee can produce consistent results and avoid mistakes and accidents.
Not every painter has formal training, but they should be able to vouch for the skills of every contactor that your job needs

(4. Are You Punctual?)

Like any good contractor, punctuality is vital for painters. Unless your contactor can keep to a schedule, a job will take much longer. Painters may lose entire days, or weeks, if they run over schedule and the weather turns.
​An organized painting contractor will be able to tell you exactly when a job will start every day, and an accurate estimate of how long it will take.

(5. How Will You Prepare?)

The final question to ask is about preparing an area before painting. Anyone can apply paint to a wall, but a professional knows that preparation is just as important as the painting process.
They will need to make sure that the surfaces are all clean and smooth, which may involve sanding or paint stripping. There may also be things that they expect you to do ahead of time, or things you can do to make it the job faster, like clearing an area.

Quality Professional Results

Anyone can paint, and it’s likely most of you have already. But, there is more to interior and exterior painting that picking up the paint and the brush.
The finish of the result can add as much aesthetic appeal as the color scheme. If not more so. No one wants their home to look messy and not looked after, which a poor paint job can do.
It’s not only about aesthetic appeal either. Good quality painting and decorating can actually add value to to your home’s value. Whatever your reasons, be it to get your home ready to sell or to spruce it up yourself, always go with a professional.
​A professional painting contractor will deliver the most reliable, high-quality results. With thorough attention to detail, you’re promised amazing results when it’s complete.

JCN Painting and Drywall LLC | JCN Painting & Drywall
Can Handle Decorative Painting

While you’re sprucing up you’re home, you may wish to get a little more creative. Or, you may want to create a statement feature wall without the hassle of wallpaper.
This is where professional painters come into their own. Anything from simple stripes, hexagons to more complex designs, they’ve got your back. Our professional painters are here to help meet your needs.
In fact, they can even help you come up with a feature wall idea. Painting contractors often have years of experience under their belts. They could have seen hundreds of homes and designs.
They may have seen something that would go well with your particular design choice. So, if you need a little help, make sure to ask your contractor for inspiration. They’re an asset you shouldn’t waste.

Updated on New Pattern & Color Trends

Redecorating is a chance to take a risk, or go with a simple change in pattern or color schemes. It brings an element of fun to your decorating, and can bring life back into your rooms or outside spaces.
If you’re looking to stay on trend, then a professional painting contractor is the way to go. They’re able to give advice on what color and pattern scheme trends are in at the moment.
They’ll also be able to match these trends to your style, and the style of your home. All while keeping in mind the budget you have with cost-effective solutions.
To get a flawless result, home painting requires true quality craftsmanship. Professionals will use the highest quality paint which help protect your home. This includes from things like the weather and UV rays from the sun.

Longevity & Cleanliness

Containment strategies need implementing to allow for a thorough painting process. Professional painters will make sure there is no mess, flakes, debris or chips. With the right skills and preparation, a good paint-job can last years.
​But, to get this result, it takes the right skills combined with the right steps. To get real longevity, only a professional will have the resources to achieve it.

Structural Awareness

You might not think it, but professional painters can help spot structural issues. This comes with the experience they’ve had on the job, and they can spot things like rot and decay.
Water vapor seeping through the walls is a common issues which can lead to rot or mold. But a good paint job can help protect your structure against this.
If they spot anything, your professional contractors will point it out. Before they can start work, you’ll need to get it seen to. It’s likely that your professional painting company will know of reliable tradesmen. So make sure to ask for any recommendations.

Have the Right Equipment to be Safe

Professional painters invest in themselves and their skills. Things includes investing in:

  • training
  • certification
  • health & safety
  • tools
  • safety equipment

This all helps reduce risk and make sure the work goes off without any incidents or accidents. It protect them, but also you, your family and your property.
​When a professional painting contractor comes in to start work, they’ll have all they need. They’ll bring ladders, painting tape, paint buckets, brushes and rollers. They’ll also have drop clothes to prevent mess.

Efficiency & Timeliness

Professional painting companies have teams to complete the job in the set time frame. This will free up your time as well, for other projects like designing and decorations.
All you need to do is arrange a start date, and agree the completion deadline. But note, if you have any issues that need fixing, like the structural issues talked about, this can cause a delay.
​But, as this is their job, painting contractors will work with you not against you. They’ll work with efficiency and timeliness to get your life back to normal ASAP.

Stress & Hassle Free

One of the biggest benefits that we saved for last is the fact that it takes away a burden of stress. Professionals will come up with a plan in advance. They also have insurance and experience to get you the best results.
This insurance also means that if anything does go wrong, they’ll make it right. So, you can have peace of mind that you’re not alone in this process. Your professional painters have your back.
If you did go it alone and make mistakes, you may have to end up calling in the professionals anyway. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and go with the pros from the start.
This way you don’t have the hassle and stress of doing it yourself. And the professionals can get on with the work without any issues or delays right from the start.

Hiring the Right Painting Contractor

Finding the right painting contractor can be a challenge, but by asking these questions you can be sure to find the right contactor for your job.
If you need a professional painting contractor, contact us today at JCN Painting & Drywall. Our friendly team of contactors will get the job done fast, without cutting any corners. We don’t cost more than our competitors, but our jobs look better, and last far longer.