Drywall Installation and painting contractors near me

​Picture this. You’re renovating your home, and everything is going well.
You’ve chosen a contractor to install your drywall, and know exactly how the renovation is going to turn out in the end. There’s only one issue… you have no idea about what you should do to prepare before the day of your drywall installation.
We’re here to help you answer that question. Read on for a complete guide to preparing for your drywall installation.

How Drywall Installation Works and cost for drywall installation

Understanding how drywall installation works will help you understand the amount of time the process takes. It will also help you prepare for everything that’s needed for your drywall installation
Before anything starts, we will come out and inspect your walls. We’ll take measurements and decide what material would be best for your drywall installation.

(1. Tear Down)
Fast forward to your installation date, this is where things get loud. First, we have to take down the old drywall and prep the area for installation.
(2. Hanging)

the New DrywallThen, the drywall gets cut and hung on the wall. This tends to be the loudest part of any installation, and you should prepare yourself for nailing, drilling, and even cutting sounds.

(3. Tape and Mud)

After all the drywall gets hung, mesh tape gets put onto to all the seams. Those seams are then filled with joint compound or mud. This mud needs time to adhere, dry, and settle.

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(4. Sanding)
That joint compound, or mud, is then sanded down to a smooth texture, which is where a lot of dust gets produced. If you’ve opted for texture, that will also get applied to the wall.
(5. Paint)

Once your drywall is set up, it’s ready for a fresh coat of paint!
Most drywall installation companies have this process done within a few days. At J C N Painting & Drywall LLC, our team works hard to get your drywall hung quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy the feeling of clean walls and ease back into your daily routine.


Now that you understand how the drywall installation process works, it’s time to prepare for your drywall installation. Setting your home up in advance can save a lot of time and hassle once your contractors arrive. It allows them to get their things set up so they can have your drywall installation finished quickly and efficiently

Set Yourself Up for Success

You’ll probably know this beforehand, but map out which rooms are going to receive fresh drywall. By doing this, you’ll know which rooms need to be prepared with the next four steps.
Communicate with your contractor beforehand, and use this as an opportunity to reroute any electrical and plumbing work you wish. If you’ve always wanted an outlet closer to your bed or the couch, take this as an opportunity to make that happen.
If a new wall is being built, don’t forget to include plans to run any necessary electrical or plumbing work to it

Move Everything

Things might feel cramped while you’re getting new drywall. If you have a spare room that you can clear out, we’d recommend it.
You’re going to have to move everything out of the rooms that are being redone.
Yes, everything. Wrap up all the furniture and take it out of the space. Take every picture frame and poster off the wall, and remove all the light switch and outlet covers if you’d like.
Not only does this keep everything out of the way for your drywall installation team, but it’s going to protect your furniture and other belongings from dirt or damage

Cover Everything

When we say dust gets everywhere, we mean everywhere. 
If big items can’t be moved, they’ll need to be wrapped in something protective. You can buy extra dust covers at your local hardware store and place them over any furniture.
Towels can be placed under doorways to prevent dust from getting in, but we have another suggestion. If that room leads to the area that’s being worked on, you should avoid going in and out of it if possible.
Grab everything you need for the day (or days) and set yourself up in a different area of the house. (If you work from home, make arrangements to work elsewhere for the day if you can.)Once that’s done, the doorway gets covered and blocked off so nothing can get into the room.
If there are furniture items you can’t move, make sure it’s all completely covered.

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Have a Schedule

Ask for a drywall installation schedule if possible. At a minimum, ask how many days they plan to be there, and the times they’ll be arriving and leaving.
Asking in advance can save you a lot of stress. You’ll have a rough idea of when things are going to start and be completed, and you’ll be able to plan around that.
If the renovation is going to take more than a day, it’s important to decide where you’re going to prepare and eat meals for those few days. Where are you going to sleep or relax?
It may be a cramped few days if you decide to stay home during the installation, but deciding where you’re going to complete everyday activities ahead of time is beneficial. There won’t be any questions once the install comes and you’re in the midst of it all.
Also figure out where pets and children will be staying if it’s necessary, and make those plans accordingly

Plan Ahead

If you can get your hands on a specialty vacuum cleaner (a heavy-duty one, built for construction work), you seriously should.
The people that install your drywall will likely sweep and vacuum once they’re done, but you’d be surprised at just how dusty everything gets.
A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and a mop will help you get rid of any leftover dust.
That dust, however, can even get into the air vents and attach itself to ceiling fans. Be sure to dust all your ceiling fans and air vent covers. Give the walls a good cleaning too, especially if they’re being painted.
Any leftover dust or dirt will ruin the adhesion of anything you stick to the wall, and it can ruin any chances of a smooth paint job.
Extra air filters are also a good thing to have on hand. Any of the dust that is collected in your air vents is going to collect in the filter. It should be able to get replaced as often as needed, at least for the first few weeks after your drywall installation.
Be sure to keep on any of your air filters so you know if they need to be changed

Understand the Factors That Affect Drywall Installation Time

How many people are on the installation team? Do your walls or ceiling have any awkward curves or angles to work with?
The outdoors can also affect your drywall installation. If you live in a humid area (or it’s just humid at the time of installation), it may take longer for the mud to dry all the way through, which can slow the entire process down.
The size of your walls and home also plays a part in the installation process. It is going to take longer if there’s a lot of space to cover. Our full team of drywall installation experts means we’re built for projects like these.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Now, it’s time to get excited about the future of your home. Once your drywall installation is over, you might have new outlets and light switches in places there weren’t any before. This might sound small, but you’re going to appreciate the difference it can make for you every day.
Your home will feel completely different if you added new walls or created a different layout. There are new furniture opportunities, and wall art ideas waiting for creation.
Preparing for a drywall installation (or home renovation of any kind) can be a lengthy, stressful process. Taking steps before the day comes is important to your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of everyone that lives in your home.
Plan ahead, and all you’ll be able to focus on is how beautiful it’s all going to look when it’s done

Choosing a Drywall Installer

The process of choosing a contractor for your home’s drywall installation is a tough one. You’re letting someone make changes to your home, and it’s a change you’re going to live with.
Don’t compromise in this decision. Choose a company that keeps you in mind, and cares about your home just as much as you do. That’s where J C N Painting & Drywall LLC can help.
If you have any questions or would like a quote, we would love to help you. Contact us today.