3 Facts About Hiring Interior Painters That Will Make You Think Twice

A freshly painted home can sell for as much as $6,000 more than it’s dowdy neighbors.

But a lick of fresh paint doesn’t only add value to your house.

Hiring interior painters to add some much-needed color to your walls can improve your mood, bring together your furniture and decor, and make your home more livable.

Read on for three key things to know about residential painting service professionals in Northern Nevada and beyond.


1. Interior Painters Have the Right Tools for the Job

Painting companies don’t skimp on tools and supplies. They know that their staff won’t be able to do the best possible job without the right equipment. From paint brushes and rollers to ladders and drop sheets, they have both safety and masterliness in mind.

This saves you from having to buy a bunch of tools for what will likely be a one-time job.

Interior paint contractors can also get the best paints in the business. They can buy wholesale, which means they have access to a lot more colors and types of paint than is typically available in a consumer hardware store.

2. Interior Painters Know What's Trending in Home Design

Want to match your carpet with your walls? Have a patterned backsplash in the kitchen and not sure which paint color works best with it?

Consult with your interior painting contractors on color palettes for your home. Because they deal in home decoration day in-day out, they’re familiar with the latest home decor and color trends.

Color has the power to lift your mood or make you feel warmer. A room painted all in pastel blue is calming whereas a bathroom with yellow floor tiles is energizing. Paint professionals are experts in color psychology and they can use it to improve your home life.

A local contractor is also in the know when it comes to complementary services. Looking for an interior designer or architect to help you with a bigger remodel? Want to landscape your gardens or lawn? Ask your paint professional for advice on the best in the business in your area.

3. Interior Painters Will Give You a Brand New House

If you want to freshen up your home for a sale or just to make it more livable, interior painting is one of the quickest and most affordable remodeling solutions.

Whether you’re freshening up a single room or renovating your entire house, always choose professional interior painting services. They will make sure the walls are smooth and prepared for painting, the paint is evenly applied, and that paint only goes where it’s supposed to. There’ll be none of the smears on the carpet, windows, or mirrors that you get with a DIY job.

They’ll also be able to remove scuff marks and tidy up chips on any painted walls you want to leave as is.

Paint professionals can even advise you on quirky features like stencil decorations, murals, and chalkboard walls. When you’re hiring painting contractors, show them what your ideas and they’ll help you work out how to apply them.

Ready to Hire an Interior Painting Professional?

When looking for interior paint contractors to hire, don’t just go with the first company that pops up after a Google search. Ask friends and f