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Office painting is something that we’ve to do in the course of occupying an office or for branding purposes. Repainting an office comes with various benefits, such as improving office appearance, boosting creativity, and increasing workers’ productivity. 

Painting companies Reno NV enable home and commercial property owners in the region to give their buildings a new look. However, the results of any painting job correlate with the painter in charge. If you hire a pro, you’ll definitely get pro results, and the opposite is true. Read on to learn more about painting and some of the reasons we’re among the most reliable painting companies in Reno NV. 

How to Hire a Painting Company

When looking for a local painting service, it’s important to know how to hire a pro painter/painting company. Here’re some of the most crucial considerations when hiring a painting contractor. 

  • Select a Licensed Painter

When hiring drywall contractors, it’s advisable to confirm if they’re licensed. Most unlicensed painting companies don’t have qualified painters. Dealing with unlicensed painting companies may come with various risks, among them low quality work.

JCN Painting & Drywall LLC is a licensed painting company. Our painters are familiar with all the guidelines from both the state and federal governments. As a licensed company, we try our best to ensure we observe the highest possible standards when dealing with our clients.  

  • Experience

Another important consideration when looking for painting and drywall contractors near me is experience. A newly established company may not have the same level of technical knowledge as one that has been in operation for years. The chances of experiencing more mistakes when dealing with such a company are high.

JCN Painting & Drywall LLC has been serving the residents of Reno NV and the surroundings for years. In that period, we’ve been involved in wall painting, deck painting, cabinet painting and office painting. We complete our projects on time as our technicians have the knowledge to deal with any issues that may cause delays. 

  • Price

Any home improvement project, painting included, will cost some money. It’s important to consider how other companies are charging. However, the highest price doesn’t necessarily translate to high-quality services. Some unlicensed companies may also charge ridiculously low prices because they have unqualified painters. 

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We understand that painting drywall Reno services and needs are different from one client to another. That’s why we encourage our clients to contact our contractors for more details about the entire project to enable us to determine the appropriate charges. We can also visit the site for more discussion. We charge our clients depending on their specific needs. 

  • Type of Services Offered

Different painting companies provide various painting services. Some people make the mistake of selecting contractors that don’t offer the services they need. If such contractors are unscrupulous, they take the project and end up doing shoddy work. 
JCN Painting & Drywall LLC offers a wide range of painting services. Some of the services we offer include drywall repair, epoxy flooring, interior and exterior painting. We also provide cabinet painter jobs to our clients in Reno and beyond

Advantages of Hiring Professional Painters Painting

is not something that everyone can do. Possession of excellent skills is vital for the best results. Besides, there are also risks such as falls that painters may experience. Dealing with professional painters is associated with the following benefits. 

  • Time-Saving

Painting and drywall jobs are hard to do on your own, especially when you’re not a professional. The process is lengthy as it may involve visiting a paint dealer to buy the paints and rearranging the office or home. Doing all this stuff on your own may be time-consuming.   

JCN Painting & Drywall LLC can paint or repaint your commercial or residential building within a very short time. We have a skilled crew of contractors who can take on a project of any size. Our clients don’t have to worry about their projects taking longer to complete as we do due diligence in advance to avoid any delays. 

  • Professional Results

Not everyone is born a painter. Painting, like any other profession, should be reserved for experts. Getting the best results may require the possession of in-depth skills and some experience. Even when one is an amateur painter, getting professional results may be impossible. 
At JCN Painting & Drywall LLC, we only hire qualified and experienced painters. We strive to leverage the best of talent in the industry to give our clients quality service and guaranteed satisfaction.

  • Adequate Preparation

Office painting is not limited to putting another layer of paint on a wall. It involves inspecting the premises to ensure all the necessary repairs are done in advance. Unfortunately, this is something customers cannot do alone. 
When we visit a residential or commercial building for painting, we begin by identifying any defects that may affect the paint. For instance, we may do rot repairs and sanding and patching to ensure the painting is done on a ready surface. Adequate preparation can even prolong the paint’s lifespan. 

  • Reduced Stress

Painting companies Reno NV like JCN Painting & Drywall LLC, allow the clients to concentrate on other things as the professional painters take over the painting exercise. The experts may provide valuable information on the best color to paint the house or office. They also have the right skills for quality results.
At JCN Painting & Drywall LLC, we help our clients through the entire painting process. Our contractors may visit the premises in advance to evaluate the situation and the specific needs. Once we’ve entered into a contract, we will undertake the project right the first time and ensure we leave our clients with smiling faces. 

  • Deep Painting Knowledge

The painting industry, like any other sector, is always changing. The way offices and homes are painted today is not the same way they were a few decades ago. A client may not be in the capacity to know the trending paints and paint designs to use. 
One of the benefits of dealing with professionals painting companies Reno NV is that they have extensive painting knowledge. Our company employs the latest ideas and innovations in the industry when dealing with clients. We’re always on the lookout for the latest trends to ensure we give our clients’ buildings and offices the best looks. 

  • Safety

Painting and sheetrock painting can be dangerous, especially when undertaken by unqualified people. Accidents such as physical falls may cause serious injuries. Possession of the right tools and safety equipment is not something that anyone can achieve. 
We understand the importance of ensuring we work in a safe environment. That’s why we train our contractors to impart them with the necessary skills to reduce their chances of being involved in accidents. Some of the essential accessories that we use include drop cloths and ladders. 

Benefits of Painting a Building

​Painting is one of the most common types of renovations that businesses and homeowners must deal with. Fortunately, it’s not an expensive exercise. Our professionals at JCN Painting & Drywall LLC can help you to take this important residential and commercial building improvement exercise for the following benefits.   

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It’s Important During Rebranding
Companies keep changing now and then. During such changes, the companies may revise their logos and even adopt new colors. Painting services enable these companies to communicate and amplify these changes to their shareholders and clients. 
It Increases Siding Lifespan
​Wood or vinyl sidings can benefit from regular painting. Given the high cost of replacing these traditional sidings, applying the paint often could end up saving more money in eventual expenses. Besides, painting can help in covering temporary repair damages without the need for replacing the entire siding. However, if the siding is in poor condition, it’s advisable to replace it.
Increases Property Value
​When buying or selling a property, one of the most important considerations is its look. The first impression is crucial when purchasing a house. Painting companies Reno NV can give a building a new look and boost its value. Besides, such a property can sell faster than one that hasn’t been renovated. ​
It Gives a Home a New Look

​Interior painting is especially important in an old home with stained and marked walls. The painting can help in giving the house a new look, just like a new house. The family can feel more comfortable when hosting visitors after both interior and exterior painting. 

Improve Business Image
Sometimes clients can tell the potential or performance of a company based on its look. Customers may shy away from a business with a building with peeling and fading paint. Repainting offices can go a long way in boosting the investors’ and customers’ confidence in a company. Many clients may associate the new office look to reliability. ​​
​People have different tests. After buying a new house, one may find repainting it essential since the house is painted in another person’s style. Although the paint may be in good condition, it may feel outdated or unattractive. Repainting can enable the new owner to personalize the house to their preferred tone and brightness.
Protection Against Elements
​The exterior of a building is exposed to natural things like rain and snow that may end up destroying its look. Reliable painting companies Reno NV can help you select the right paint to resist most of these elements. Painting can also prevent the building from other costlier damages such as mold and mildew manifestation.
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