The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Professional Interior Painting Services

If you’re trying to make wholesale changes in your household, few things leave as big a mark as interior painting.

The paint industry is worth $24.4 billion in the United States. What this means for you is that you’ll have access to plenty of choices when you’re trying to rely on a professional that can assist you.

When you do your due diligence and do a thorough job researching, you can get a paint job that can improve your home. We have the guidelines that you need.

These tips will help you when you’re putting together an interior painting project in your home.

Consider Your Reason for Painting

People plan interior painting projects for several different reasons. Before anything, make sure that you understand why you’re deciding to paint your home interior.

Knowing why you’re painting your home interior will dictate the way that you decorate your home and how you handle the project. Here are some of the things that you need to consider:

You're Looking for a Return on Investment (ROI)

For many people, interior painting is an opportunity to re-invest in your home. This might be a situation where you’re trying to turn a home into a rental investment, Airbnb, or trying to put it on the market.

A recent real estate agent survey showed that 63% of these professionals suggest interior painting before selling your house. This is wise because you’ll get a substantial return on investment (ROI). You can experience this return by making a real estate transaction, or just by enjoying the equity that you get in your home by increasing the property value.

This is potentially just as helpful to your home value as exterior painting service. It’ll give your home more real estate value and will allow you to love the way that it looks at the same time.

Working with professional painters helps you get the most bang for your buck from any project. When you let them know that equity is your main priority, they can help you decide on the color, style, and quality of paint that you need to receive a quality ROI.

The Living Space Needs to Be Updated

The worst thing you can do for your home is to allow it to become drab, boring, and outdated. If your pant is beginning to fade, chip, or just look old or passe, getting a paint job will help you breathe new life into it.

The quality of paint products has increased over the years, and homeowners have access to professional-grade paint that can make their homes look amazing. Just like exterior painting adds curb appeal, updating your interior adds both qualitative and quantitative value to your home.

You’ll appreciate the way that your home interior looks and can try out some new styles in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, or any other room. Paint professionals can assist you in painting walls or fixtures in your home. Adding a coat of paint to these fixtures will give you the color and freshness that you need.

Getting your cabinets painted can add life to your living space. Professional cabinets painting projects can also allow you to add more longevity to those fixtures, adding to your living space and quality of life.

Choosing a Certain Color Is the Most Important Factor

Color is often one of the biggest priorities whenever homeowners decide to make changes in their households. This is the case whether we’re talking about paint jobs or installing brand-new epoxy floors.

Think about the color scheme ideas that you have for your paint job, and then consider what type of mood it will create in your home. Research some color psychology as you plan out your paint job.

Understanding how color affects your psychology and mood will help you figure out what selection is best for you. Here are some of the color psychology points to consider as you shop around:

  • Yellow paint exudes feelings of joy, exuberance, and happiness
  • Blue is a color that offers peace and provides feelings of relaxation
  • Green is a color that represents freshness, nature, and earthiness
  • Brown exudes feelings of warmth and security
  • Orange is a color that promotes creativity and euphoria

Consider the paint professional that you’re dealing with and ask about their inventory of color options that they have availability. There are plenty of different shades and colors available within different color categories, so ask the pros what options they can introduce you to.

You Want to Change the Mood or Vibe

For some homeowners, the main purpose of the paint job is to set a certain mood or environment for your household. Think about the room that you’re applying paint to and how you’d like to feel when you’re spending time there.

For instance, you might want your living room to create a sense of warmth and serenity. For your kitchen, you may want to make the environment bright and cheery so that you start your morning on the right note.

Perhaps you want to paint your stucco a certain shade for your relaxation room. If the overall mood of your room is the most critical piece of the puzzle for you, give yourself the chance to create it starting with the right paint choice.

The House Has Experienced Damage or Wear

Many homeowners have to paint their homes because the home experienced some sort of wear and tear. This could be due to cracks, scratches, fixed holes, or other forms of damage. This could be due to a fix to a lone room or area, or widespread restoration after a weather event or other situation.

This type of work might also come with drywall installation and repair, and other sorts of work that comes with the territory. Make sure to prep your home before painting. That might involve laying down a coat of primer, followed by different color options. A fresh coat of paint adds the finishing touches to whatever you’re trying to do and will help you love the end results that you receive.

Air Quality Is a Priority

When you’re trying to make any sort of changes to your home, you have to keep in mind how important air quality is to your household. People spend 90% of their waking lives indoors, which makes air quality all the more important.

This means looking into paint that is less toxic and that provides you with fresh, clean, breathing air. Keep your household residents in mind so that they’re breathing air that is free of allergens or pollutants. You will be able to protect everyone’s living experience and health as a whole.

It's Part of a Home Remodel

Making wholesale home renovations can be a great way to retain value. Factor in whether or not your paint job is part of your home remodel. This means that you will need to consider your paint choices in conjunction with several other factors.

That could include things like your furniture, artwork, or other details that give your interior character and style. If you’re doing a home remodel, you might want to speak with an interior designer in addition to a paint professional.

Paintwork is a core element that should be part of any home remodel.

A Special Room Is Getting a Makeover

Think about the type of room that you’re making changes to, and whether or not you need a special paint type or color to get the most from it. For instance, you might need to get a paint job for your man cave. With this type of project, you may go all out with your team colors or the colors of your alma mater.

With so many people working remotely today, you might want to remodel your home office so that you have a joyful place to put in all of those work hours each week.

For these types of painting projects, you might be choosing colors based on the results you’d like to get from the room, and this might mean choosing colors that are radically different from the rest of your home.

Start Planning With a Professional Painting Company

Now that you understand the different types of paint jobs you can receive, you probably have some ideas that you’re mulling over. The next step is to hire the help of a professional painting company that can handle the work on your behalf.

This requires you to understand a bit about contractors and will let you collaborate and get the most out of your ideas.

Seek Referrals for a Professional Painter

The referral process is one of the best ways to find a professional painting contractor. Speak to people that you know in your list of contacts and ask them which company they used for their interior paintwork.

Use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your state as an avenue, and search the database. Use websites like Yelp and Google My Business to help you make sure that you’re choosing a pro that is highly vetted and respected.

You can also look into Painting Contractor’s Association (PCA) resources to find the best professionals available. Having some leads can help you pinpoint which pros are the best, and it’ll make your process easier.

Explore Your Ideas in a Consultation

Once you have a shortlist of the best painting professionals available, start reaching out to them so that you can book consultations. It’s during the consultation that you can go over your ideas with the paint professional until you figure out the best way to proceed. In many situations, they can take your original idea and then find you a paint color and style that’s even better than what you came up with.

They will let you know how feasible your project is and will let you know what kind of work and resources you’ll need. They might offer you advice on some gloss finishes so that you can make your walls come to life. When you sit down with a paint contractor for a consultation, they will also examine your home and add some context and insight to your project.

From here, they will also let you know their availability and can work toward booking an appointment.

Hash Out the Cost Factors

Once you know what you need from your paint project, it’s important that you also shop around for cost estimates. These price quotes will help you figure out how much you need to budget for the work.

You may choose to shop around with a couple of different paint professionals to make sure that you are getting the fairest price based on the results that they promise. Get these cost quotes in writing so that you can compare them effectively and find a pro that can price match.

It might make sense for you to also look into financing or payment plans that will help you take care of it. The paint professional might also offer in-house financing for customers who are looking to get some interior paint work done. Get an itemized list so that you know how much you’re charged for each piece of the project.

Browse Visuals and Collect Samples

You’ll need to take some time to collect samples and figure out how the paint colors will look inside your home. Being able to take these samples home and live with them will help you picture how the finished product will play out.

Having some samples lets you also factor in the depth of color,