house painters sparks: 5 Beautiful Interior Paint Color Schemes

Choosing the right color scheme is so important in having a happy, healthy life. It’s more important than you might think, in fact. As the abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky once put it, “Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” 

Or, as another influential painter puts it, Yves Klein also said “all colors arouse specific associative ideas.” Yves Klein believed this so ardently that he would often use a single color for a canvas. 

Of course, those associations are going to vary from person to person. So while some attempt a kind of color science, via disciplines such as color theory, how you feel about different shades and hues is, ultimately, going to be up to you. Here are a few interior paint color schemes to help give you some inspiration and decide on the right pallet for your interior decor! 

Professional Painting and drywall service. How To Choose The Right Interior Color Schemes

The first step in choosing the right interior color schemes is deciding what effect you’re hoping to achieve. Just a moment ago, we were talking about ‘color theory.’ So while you should do some introspection to feel about how you feel about different interior paint colors, you should also take a moment to understand the underlying science, as well. 

As a general rule, organic colors like green tend to have a soothing, restorative effect. That’s why you so often see the color green associated with the health and medical industry, as well as acting as a kind of shorthand for environmentalism. Likewise, the color yellow is often thought to be energetic and optimistic, so much so that it actually effects your metabolism. People are lose their temper more quickly in yellow rooms, however, and babies tend to cry more. 

Some of these tendencies can be tempered by using paler variants of a color. So perhaps you might choose a faded lemon or pastel yellow rather than a glaring, glowing sunshine hue, if you want to exude a mellow exuberance. 

More so than the colors themselves, it’s the combination of colors that has the most impact and is also the most controllable, as it’s based on actual science. 

For a soothing, calming, pleasant home color scheme, ‘harmonic colors’ are best. These are any colors that are next to one another on the color wheel. 

For a bolder, more striking color scheme, ‘complementary colors’ make an eye-catching impression. Complementary colors are colors that are on opposite one another on the color wheel. 

You can also experiment with using colors in different combinations and shapes. A rectangle of turquoise as an accent on an orange wall would make for a striking effect, no doubt. 

Decide On The Mood

Before you really decide on an interior painting scheme, you’ll want to think about what kind of mood you’re hoping to achieve. This will help you select the best interior color to base the rest of your decor around.  Think of different color schemes as temperatures. There are warm color schemes and cool color pallets. There are cozy interior paint colors and classic home color schemes. It’s up to you to decide how you want to feel when you’re enjoying your room. Say you want to be able to really unwind and relax in your den or living room. A cozy color scheme would give that effect beautifully. This is where personal tastes come in, as each person is going to have a different idea of what qualifies as ‘cozy.’ Autumnal colors are often associated with warmth and coziness. Deep, burned oranges and rich yellows bring to mind throw blankets and steaming cups of tea.  

Or perhaps you want a more classic color pallet, to give your space a sense of timeless elegance. A blue and white color scheme brings to mind elegant vases and antique China. It can give your room a classic French aesthetic, rich and luscious but without succumbing to the sterility of some modern color schemes. Once you decide on the mood you’re hoping to achieve and the base color for your design, you’ll be ready to begin picking color schemes and combinations in earnest.  Now let’s look at a few specific color combinations to give you some ideas for your own interior painting.

Tangerine & Olive​

Dark green and bright, energetic orange might not sound like a winning combination, but it’s more striking than it might seem. A bright orange base for a room with accents of a rich, deep warm green is more attractive than it might seem at first. Look at this decor from House Beautiful for an example of how lovely and attractive it can be, when it’s done right!

Sapphire & Mustard

Primary colors have been trending for much of the new millennium. This creates a challenge, however. How do you pick a trendy color pallet and make it striking and unique? The challenge with primary color pallets is also how to make it striking without making it look like a daycare, as well? Blues and yellows make for a timeless color combo, but it can also seem somewhat elementary if it’s not handled carefully.

This is largely to do with its accessibility, though. Blues and yellows are used in rooms for children because nearly everybody likes them. Using a rich, Sapphire jewel tone with a more elegant, mature mustard accents is one way to update this color combination. Sapphire and mustard is a great color combination for making a general use space. It’s elegant enough to make a nice parlor for cocktail parties or even board meetings. It’s also energetic and youthful enough to make it a nice space for your kids to do their homework or have slumber parties. 

Aqua & Raspberry

Childhood has become far less gendered in recent years, thank goodness. We’re moving farther and farther away from the bubblegum pink and Bob The Builder blues of the late 90s and early 2000s. It raises an interesting challenge for children (and adults!) who still like classic colors, like pink and blue, but want to use them in a more subtle, nuanced, and tasteful way.  Look at the color combo of aqua and raspberry, for instance. It creates a gender-neutral space that either a little girl or boy would love. It’s still rich and evocative enough to conjure images of beautiful princesses, however, especially when paired with a print wallpaper! It’s a winning combination for a childhood full of magic and imagination!

Periwinkle & Pistachio

Here’s an example of soothing, organic interior paint color schemes. At base level, this is solely an example of the light, refreshing effect of organic colors as pistachio and periwinkle is just a variant on blue and green. It’s also an example of how opposites can sometimes attract, as pistachio is a softer, faded shade of green while periwinkle is slightly richer, more vibrant and jewel-like.

​Together, the effect is still soothing while also seeming somewhat exotic. It’s like something you would see in an Indian palace or Antipodean retreat!

Royal Blue & Orchid

Sometimes you want a color scheme that is less contradictory and more complimentary, to have a more cohesive look and make a bolder statement. Sometimes having a solid, striking primary color with accents of a lighter shade or hue is a way to have a more modern monochromatic design aesthetic while still having some drama and interest.  Consider the combination of royal blue with orchid accents. Royal blue is striking, no matter what, but it also has the benefit of being rather calming. This is drawn out and accentuated with the nearly pastel softness of orchid, which also soothes and comforts. Both still seem rich, luxurious, and exciting, however.  When taken together, royal blue and orchid feel like something out of Versailles or Vienna where you can still feel relaxed and at home.

Blush & Mahogany

As we said earlier, pink has come a long way in the last 10 years. We’re not just stuck with Bubblegum and Barbie pink, at this point. It can also be used to give a feeling of luxury, of exoticism, and of romance, while still being calming, relaxing, and inviting.  Look at the understated but striking mixture of blush with mahogany accents. The blush is so subtle you can do an entire room in it without it becoming saccharine or overwhelming. The mahogany gives a rich, royal feeling to the space, at the same time. We get the feeling Marie Antoinette would’ve approved of this design scheme, as well. Choosing the right interior paint color schemes lets you show the world who you really are. It also lets you feel the way you want to feel when you’re at home, which are some of life’s most cherished moments.

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Interior decorating is an art and a science! We are here to help you master both. We’ll work closely with you and your family to pick out the right interior paint color schemes, matching the latest design trends and themes with your unique tastes and a timeless sense of craftsmanship. If you’re ready to discuss your dream home design and decor, contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment!