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Interior Color Trends 2023

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If you’re avidly typing house painting service near me’ into your Smartphone in the hopes that the perfect contractor will appear on your screen, you’re far from alone. Of the 67.9% of Americans that call themselves homeowners, each and every one of them is constantly looking for ways to revamp and renovate their home to create a more welcoming space.

In order to do this, choosing the right colors for your home interior is essential. After all, your residential painting job is the first impression that visitors have when they enter your home. It’s critical that your space gives off the right feelings and vibes. Here, we’re going to help you choose from some of the best interior color trends 2023 has to offer! Read on to learn more about these gorgeous hues and how house painters Reno NV loves can help you make your vision into a reality.

Choosing an Interior Color: The Basics

Before you can look into the 2023 paint color trends a painting company in Reno can help you make a reality, there are some factors that you need to consider. After all, you need the different hues around your home to match so that you can create a cohesive color scheme. Read on to learn some things to consider when choosing colors for your painting and drywall jobs!

Creating a Cohesive Color Scheme

Before hiring house painting services, it’s important that you know what constitutes a good color scheme. If you choose clashing colors, your home is going to appear sloppy, which will be an eyesore for you. It also will show visitors that you were sloppy in your research and make them believe you to be tasteless, even if that’s not true. But what constitutes a coherent color scheme? Generally, experts say that you have three options:

Analogous color schemes, which are the most commonly used combinations and are made up of three adjacent hues on the color wheel

  • Complementary color schemes, which feature two hues that lie directly across from each other on the color wheel (to create positive, unique contrast- note that choosing red and green is a bad idea because it just invokes Christmastime)
  • Monochromatic color schemes, which are really en vogue right now and are made up of black, white, and one other color (that lies anywhere on the color wheel- it can be whatever you like!)​
  • These are tried and true ways to ensure that your home looks amazing and that everything ties together. Note that you’ll want your furniture and trim to match with the rest of your interior paint here, so make sure that you consider other parts of your room when choosing what color to paint your walls and ceilings.

Matching Your Home Exterior

In addition to making sure that the hues within each part of your home match, you also will want to create a cohesive color scheme with your home exterior. After all, your place of residence is a place that’s meant to show off your taste and overall vibe, so you want it to be internally consistent. This means looking at your siding, roofing, fencing, and patio colors to make sure that your home interior matches up. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have it all be part of one color scheme- even within different areas of your home, you can spice things up. 

It just means that you don’t want to have clashing colors that disorient you the second you open your door and move from the outside of your home to the inside. Many people choose to have monochromatic color schemes in the entryway of their home. The color involved in this monochromatic scheme can be the same as the primary hues that you use on your home exterior.

This gives your mind some time to adjust from the home exterior color scheme to that of the first area of their house. Stucco repair Reno NV contractors can also make sure that your home exterior looks well-put-together. Check out the Painttalk forum for more information on stucco repair both inside and outside your home.

Using Color Psychology

The main reason that it’s important to give your mind time to adjust (and to use cohesive hues) is that color impacts mood. This is called ‘color psychology,’ and it’s a scientifically-proven phenomenon. If you have tons of random colors all over the place, your mood is going to be all over, which is never fun. You can use paint colors psychology to your advantage when hiring interior painting services. If you’re having your bedroom painted, for example, an analogous color scheme with multiple shades of blue might be a good choice. This is because blue is a calming color that promotes relaxation of both the mind and body. On the other hand, a home office might look best when painted goldenrod yellow- a stimulating and energetic hue- because it will boost productivity. Yellow + black is a great monochromatic scheme that the pros use to get worker bees buzzing while at work. The principle stays the same even if you work from home!

Choose High-Quality Paints

No matter what color scheme you choose, you’re going to want to choose paints that are of unmatched quality. After all, if the colors fade, all of your research and hard work will be out the window! Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams Reno NV (or Sherwin Williams Carson City Nevada, either way) creates paint for your home that won’t chip, flake, or stain. You also will want to choose paints that don’t have toxic fumes that lead to long-term health issues. Better breathing spanish springs NV homeowner’s health, creativity, and longevity, after all! Every option that our residential painting services offer uses only the highest-quality non-toxic pains so that you can rest easy that your health isn’t at risk.

Amazing Interior Color Trends 2023 Color Of The Year Loves​

When searching for ‘painting and drywall contractors near me’, you’re going to want to look at the portfolios for building painters that you find. This is a great way to see what house painters Reno NV trusts are doing to work within the current trends colors designers.

Still, you need to start somewhere, and that’s why our paint and drywall contractors are going to give you some tips right here on what colors are in style for house painting services right now!

Stay True With Blue

​Everyone likes blue. We aren’t exaggerating here. Time and time again, it’s been proven the most popular color among people of all genders, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and occupations. It’s no surprise that an overwhelming amount of people use it in their homes!
As of 2023, the most popular shades of blue for residential spaces are:

  • Classic blue, which was crowned Pantone’s color of the year in 2019
  • Dark blues such as midnight blue and navy, which look amazing when paired with white, sky-blue, or yellow trim and accent wall
  • Scotch blue, which is the intense color of the deep ocean
  • Cornflower blue, which looks best when paired with both black and white
  • Arctic blue, which gives off cool vibes when paired with ivory or bone
  • Painting drywall Reno contractors love blue as much as you do and are happy to help you pick out the perfect shade for your home!

Pretty Pastels​

​​Sherwin Williams Carson City users also have seen pastels as a growing trend in homes lately. Whether this is the influence of Taylor Swift’s pastel-palette album or just because people find these hues light, airy, and calming, getting in on this trend is sure to make you happy.

​You’ll be unsurprised to hear that blue is one of the most commonly-used pastels out there. What may be more surprising, though, is the popularity of pink. Many people have been meshing multiple pastel shades together to give their homes a soft vibe, but others have been pairing light pink with darker hues of yellow blue green or red.

Bringin’ Vintage Back

​It feels like vintage styles have been coming back in all areas of life lately. People are wearing charm jewelry again and enjoying pretty 50s-inspired dresses. It’s no different when it comes to interior design. Generally, this means pairing a checkerboard tile floor with faded bright walls or pastel colors. The appliances and furniture around your home should be in colors that match the paint that you choose for your vintage style. To get mint-green or lemon-yellow furniture, you can simply have cabinet painter jobs performed on your existing furniture. There’s no need to replace everything- the painters Reno NV trusts have you covered!

Keeping It All-Natural

​In addition to blue, there’s another color that most people like: green. This is because it reminds them of nature and the outdoors, and it’s invigorating while still being relaxing. It makes sense that the most popular hues of green are those most commonly associated with the natural world arounf us. Instead of bright lime, people prefer the soft greens associated with the grass and plants found in their yards. If they want to go a bit darker, some people also choose to have leaf-green hues. Some autumn enthusiasts pair this with yellow and orange accents to create the feel of fall foliage. If you love to go camping, you may also be interested in a deep forest green. This pairs well with dark brown or black accents to get you feeling like you’re in a cozy cottage in the woods. Carson City NV stucco repair Reno experts are happy to consult with you about what color pairings will work best in any green space. We’ll also repair the leaf or vine-clad accents that give each room a more natural vibe.

Golden Yellow: A Rich Idea

​Are green and blue a little too much for you? Do you prefer something interesting and light that will always put you in a cheerful frame of mind?

Yellow might be the perfect color for you room! Specifically, golden yellow- the rich hue of sunlight hitting your face- is all the rage right now. It pairs well with other shades of yellow such as pastel, pale yellow, buttercream, dandelion, and canary. If you’re also thinking about renovating your flooring reno NV style, you may want to look into black tile or hardwood. As we brushed on earlier, you can’t go wrong with a yellow-black color scheme. If you prefer complementaty colors, you can also choose a deep royal purple or navy blue to complement your golden space.

Accents and Trim

The best painters Reno has to offer won’t only paint your walls. We’re also committed to making sure that your accents, trim, and ceilings are up-to-date. This can mean changing the color to something new but it also can simply mean touching up these essential parts of your room. You don’t want flaky or faded accents! Make sure that you talk to us about the best accent and trim colors to go with your main wall hue. Chances are, we’ll have some awesome expert insight to offer that is sure to get the ball rolling.

Get Started

While searching ‘residential painting services near me’ is a great way to find Reno house painters, it’s not very informative when it comes to the colors that look best in your home.

Deciding on these hues can be a challenge, but a little research goes a long way. Now that you know some of the best interior color trends 2023 has to offer, it’s time to look into the interior painters Reno NV loves. Contact the best house painters in the area to learn more about how a local painting service can help you. Our painting and sheetrock installation professionals are happy to discuss the best hues for your space with you to ensure that you get the best painter services possible