Six Things You Probably Didn't Know About Reno Epoxy Floors

Concrete has been beloved as a material for garage floors for decades. It holds up to the weight of vehicles and can handle a lot of abuse.

However, concrete floors get ugly quickly. As a porous substance, concrete soaks up any liquid spilled on it. Thus, colored liquids like motor oil and antifreeze will leave stains on the floor even if you clean them up immediately. 

Plus, if the temperature drops below freezing in your garage and your concrete floor is wet, the expanding ice can cause the concrete to crack. 

To protect your concrete floor in Reno, epoxy floors are the perfect product. Read on to learn all the amazing things you probably didn’t know about epoxy flooring!

1. Epoxy Floors Are Spill-Proof

Once an epoxy floor cures, it creates a strong seal over the top of your concrete. Now if you spill anything on it, the liquid will stay on top of the epoxy, giving you ample time to wipe up the mess without worrying about leaving a stain behind. 

2. Epoxy Floors Are Incredibly Durable

​Spills aren’t the only thing you no longer have to worry about. Epoxy might go on like paint, but it cures within a few days into an incredibly hard surface. This surface is scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and resistant to just about everything else.

3. The Decorative Options Are Virtually Endless

Say goodbye to boring, ugly concrete garage floors. Epoxy coatings can be put down in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns. Finished with a glossy shine, epoxy floors are as handsome as they are functional.

4. Epoxy Floors Are Eco-Friendly

Though epoxy is a chemical compound, it is still a great option for environmentally-conscious consumers. By requiring only a few tools and materials for installation, installing epoxy floors helps avoid the waste generated by installing other flooring types. Plus, because it lasts so long, the floor does not have to be replaced often, further reducing waste.

5. Epoxy Floors Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning an epoxy floor coating is a breeze. All it needs is a quick sweep to gather up dust and other debris that accumulates. For a deeper clean, simply mop the floor with warm water and mild soap. That’s all there is to it!

6. Reno Epoxy Floors Are Incredibly Affordable

So, how much does an epoxy garage floor cost? You might think that that a floor covering with all the fantastic attributes would be expensive. On the contrary, epoxy floors are an extremely affordable flooring option. Even when paying for a professional installation, the years of use that you can get out of these floor coverings is well worth the investment.

Where to Get Gorgeous Epoxy Flooring in Reno, NV

Looking for fantastic flooring options in Reno? Epoxy floors from JCN Drywall and Painting are an excellent option. The durable, long-lasting floor is affordable and will look great for decades. Professional installation is a must. It might look like painting, but improper application can leave air bubbles and imperfections in the surface of the epoxy. Call us today for a quote and get ready to enjoy a fabulous new garage floor coating!

What Is Epoxy Flooring?: A Complete Guide

Concrete is a fantastic material for garage floors, showrooms, commercial spaces, auto repair shops, and other places where a durable, hardworking floor is needed. However, concrete isn’t very pretty to begin with and quickly gets uglier with stains, cracks, chips, and more.

This has prompted homeowners and business owners alike to look for a solution, which led to the explosion of the epoxy flooring market. At the rate it’s going, the global market is expected to reach an astonishing $41.71 billion by 2024! 

But, what is all the fuss about? What is epoxy flooring? Let’s find out. 

What Is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

So you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garage floor? Well, there’s garage floor paints and then there are epoxy resin floor coatings. Comparing the two is like saying that a Prius is the same as a Lamborghini by virtue of them both being cars. Hint: epoxy resin floor coating is the Lamborghini in this example.  So, what is epoxy flooring made of? There are different types, but epoxy resin coatings are laid by mixing two components together — a resin part and a hardener part. 

Once the components are mixed, installers must work quickly to lay the floor before the mixture begins to harden. It’s important to realize that while laying an epoxy floor looks like painting, it is actually much more difficult. Inexperienced application can lead to air bubbles and other problems that will weaken the floor. It is generally recommended to hire a professional to install an epoxy floor. Different formulas will cure at different rates, but any high-quality epoxy floor will harden into a durable, long-lasting floor. The average floor should cure in 72 hours or less

The Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

So, what magical properties does epoxy flooring contain to allow us to compare it to a Lamborghini? Let’s explore the advantages of this incredible flooring. Concrete, as we mentioned, gets ugly quickly because it is a porous substance. The concrete soaks up any liquids that are spilled on it, making it nearly impossible to keep from staining — even if you clean up spills immediately. Furthermore, water can get down inside the concrete and cause it to crack if the temperature drops below freezing.

Seals It Up Tight

​Epoxy flooring places a solid seal over the top of the concrete that prevents water and other liquids from penetrating the floor. It is water-proof, mold-proof, stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, impact-resistant, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and is very capabale of handling heavy loads such as vehicles or heavy tool carts. Though an epoxy floor looks smooth and shiny, it is actually slightly rough, making it slip-resistant and perfect for work areas where safety is a priority.


Don’t worry about having to replace your epoxy floor anytime soon. The lifespan of the floor can vary significantly depending on how you use it as well as the components in the original mixture. However, even a mediocre epoxy floor can last at least a decade. High-quality floors can last several decades!

Starting to sound like a miracle floor yet? Let's keep going.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Cleaning an epoxy floor couldn’t be easier. The seal over the top of the concrete keeps dirt and debris on the surface where you can easily sweep it away. A high traffic area would benefit from daily sweeping, but a garage floor in a residence will only need occasional attention. 

To deep clean the floor, simply mop it with warm water and a mild soap. On top of being easy to clean, epoxy floor coatings help cut down on the amount of dust that accumulates in your garage. Much of that dust is actually fine bits of concrete.

 As dust in our homes is created by us shedding skin cells, much of the dust in a garage is created by shedding concrete.  

When your epoxy floor is being installed, the concrete will be ground, blasted, and otherwis