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Stucco House Painting and Repair. The cladding on your home’s exterior plays a vital role in protecting your home from weather elements, improving your curb appeal and general home energy efficiency.

​Stucco has become a favorite among residential and commercial building owners because it’s reasonably priced, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. With a variety of colors to choose from, it can work for almost any exterior stucco paints in sparks, nv.

Reasons to Choose Stucco Siding.

Stucco siding is growing in popularity because of its many benefits, including being fire resistant. Other reasons include;​​

Low Maintenance

Unlike other siding materials, stucco siding doesn’t require heavy maintenance. It’s designed to resist the accumulation of dirt, keeping it looking new for longer. Once installed by an expert, all you need is to rinse the siding using water. It’s essential to call an expert for stucco repair and painting Reno, NV.

Rich Textures and Color
One of the reasons stucco is popular is the rich textured look it gives the exterior of a home. There are also a variety of colors to choose from.

Once an expert installs the stucco siding, it could last between 50 and 80 years. Plus, it’s fire-resistant, making it even more durable.
Energy EfficiencyIt’s an ideal insulator for both warm and cold weather. It allows your home to maintain a constant temperature making it economical.

Signs You Need Stucco Repair

While stucco siding can last for decades, it might need repairs regularly to keep it looking good as new. There are a few signs to look out for before you decide you need a stucco painting and repair Sparks NV expert.

A single hairline crack shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, but having numerous cracks can be a problem and not just aesthetically. Large cracks signify that the house has settled, heaved or lacks proper expansion joints. Water intrusion can also cause cracks, but the difference is that cracks caused by water intrusion have stains. Regardless of the cause of cracks, you need to call in JNC Painting and Drywall LLC. We are the go-to company for stucco repair in Spanish Springs, NV.
As unsightly as some stucco stains may be, avoid the urge to cover them up with a fresh paint coat. Painting over a stain would be a mistake because you haven’t addressed the underlying issue. It’s best to first call in an expert to observe, evaluate and make a recommendation. Some stains will come off quickly by thoroughly cleaning it up; however, other stains might indicate severe underlying problems such as water damage and mold. A Stucco painting and repair Carson City NV will advise whether to clean it up or paint over the stain. They can also handle any repairs if necessary.
It’s not uncommon to have rainwater splash dirt on your home siding, discoloring your stucco siding bottom. At the bottom where rainwater splashes, moss might start growing. 
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While you can easily scrub away the moss with bleach, it’s essential to address the moisture problem that facilitates the moss’s growth. A stucco expert would advise to remove any nearby vegetation and use rocks in its place. Rocks facilitate faster drying of the wall.

​Your stucco siding can start crumbling because of age, stress, settling, water damage, vibration, improper installation or impact accident. As it crumbles, the problem could worsen because the stucco integrity is compromised, and additional water could seep inside. It’s crucial to call a stucco repair expert to identify the root of the problem and repair where needed.
Awful Smell
It might sound silly to keep smelling your siding, but it could help you arrest the problem early. Just as rotting food smells different from fresh food, damaged stucco smells different from undamaged stucco. Because of growing mold and other unwanted substances, stucco can smell different. If you smell mold, it should be a cause for concern, and it can impact your stucco.
The danger of Ignoring Stucco Siding Problems
Unlike what most people think, the problem with your stucco siding will not go away if you ignore it. You are risking more significant issues, such as;
Ignoring the problem can lead to the house rotting from the inside out. If it does happen, you will have to repair the entire exterior rather than a section. So, if you think that the repair of a section is expensive, the cost doesn’t compare to repairing the whole exterior.
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Mold Infestation
The inside of the damp and dark stucco wall serves as an excellent breeding ground for mold. If left without a remedy, you might have to deal with an out of control mold infestation that might cost a fortune.
Slow Selling Home
If you’re looking to sell your property, you might need to repair damaged stucco siding or repaint it if it’s discolored. If you don’t do so, your home might stay on the market longer because shoppers demand professional inspection to uncover problems before committing to purchasing a home. Stucco is a low-maintenance, beautiful and high-performance siding option, making it attractive to many home buyers, and it can increase your property value.
Why Hire JNC Painting and Drywall, Exterior Painting Stucco

At JNC Painting and Drywall LLC, we are experts at keeping your home looking as good as new. Our professional contractors understand that base coat and stucco repair is a complicated and time-consuming process, and they have experience and training to handle any stucco repair reno nv.

We are your one-stop-shop for your stucco repair and painting needs. We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their needs and problems and develop suitable solutions. Over the years, we have built a reputation for affordable pricing, high customer satisfaction levels, and high-quality work.

Call in the Stucco and Drywall Repair Pros
As a property owner, you’re often tempted to delay any stucco repairs since they’re just cosmetic additions to your home’s exterior. However, damages to stucco could indicate severe problems underneath. Don’t put off stucco repair! Call JNC Painting and Drywall LLC for all your stucco repair and painting needs.